Fotografias invernales

Aprovechando que estamos entrando en un nuevo año, te presentamos proyectos fotográficos relacionados a la temporada decembrina de alguno de nuestros fotógrafos y así aprovechar para desearles a todos mucha paz, salud y felicidad.

Para saber más sobre nuestros fotógrafos, pincha en el botón que está a continuación. Tenemos una amplia variedad de estilos/temáticas, para que podamos surtir cualquier tipo de demanda de vuestra parte.

Introducing Pedro Aguilar

Our newest visual artist – Pedro Aguilar is a multidisciplinary photographer whose style is characterised by the creativity, conceptual depth and technical excellence for both his lighting set-up and post-production work.

He studied Fine Art at Seville’s University in Spain, graduated from Brighton’s University (Fine Art MA) and begun his career in London as part of advertising-photography creative duo Diver&Aguilar in 2007 and as as solo artist since 2014. Awards include GRAPHIS, CDEC (Spanish Creative Award) and EPICA and he’s been included twice in Luezer’s Archive Best 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide. He has recently worked with Unilever, Mullen Lowe, W+K Amsterdam, Levi’s, Nike, Wonderland and Schön! magazine.

His personal style can be recognized in a second. Pedro Aguilar continues to push the boundaries of documentary photography by constantly refining his aesthetic through editing. Much of his work focuses on showing human emotions. His photography stands out as it is filled with realness and he always manages to add a personal raw and sharp twist.


Introducing Victor Sájara

At Arepresents we always recognise and appreciate great talent. Creative minds see and feel things bigger than most. But what is actually going on inside their minds? Unique artist Victor Sájara is a creative individual that has been working for more than 20 years on his passion – photography. He also happens to be the newest addition to our team. And we couldn’t be more happy.

Victor Sájara is an architectural, interior and advertising photographer living in Madrid, Spain. His work consists of spectacular buildings and interiors, as well as different restaurants, hotels and stores. His current clients are mainly architecture studios, public organizations, hotels chains, retail chains and magazines.

“My job is the tireless search for the perfect image” – Víctor Sájara

Victor is known to be a respected professional that adapts to the client’s needs easily, working with prestigious clients such as Richard Rogers Studio (Pritzker Price), Marriot, AD Magazine and many more. His clients appreciate his devotion and commitment to any given project, which can be seen in his received feedback.


Currently Victor has a studio in Madrid, which he opened back in 2004 and managed to maintain ever since. But this does not stop him from working worldwide. 

With a desire to make more than a perfect photo in mind, his ambition is to take such photographs that bring to life the vision of his clients entirely. We love this!


Cesar Lucadamo – Mastercard

As of today, we can enjoy the latest project of Cesar Lucadamo for Mastercard in which Bryan Habana , the famous South-African rugby player makes his appearance. We’re proud to see our photographer’s work and effort!

Diego Lafuente – El Corte Inglés

Como muchos de vosotros seguramente seguís recordando el verano, hoy os traemos una refrescante pieza gráfica de nuestro fotógrafo Diego Lafuente para El Corte Inglés.

Estas piezas fueron utilizadas para publicidad exterior, portadas traseras de revistas y para el catálogo del mes de septiembre de la principal distribuidora española de grandes almacenes.