Introducing Pedro Aguilar

Our newest visual artist – Pedro Aguilar is a multidisciplinary photographer whose style is characterised by the creativity, conceptual depth and technical excellence for both his lighting set-up and post-production work.

He studied Fine Art at Seville’s University in Spain, graduated from Brighton’s University (Fine Art MA) and begun his career in London as part of advertising-photography creative duo Diver&Aguilar in 2007 and as as solo artist since 2014. Awards include GRAPHIS, CDEC (Spanish Creative Award) and EPICA and he’s been included twice in Luezer’s Archive Best 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide. He has recently worked with Unilever, Mullen Lowe, W+K Amsterdam, Levi’s, Nike, Wonderland and Schön! magazine.

His personal style can be recognized in a second. Pedro Aguilar continues to push the boundaries of documentary photography by constantly refining his aesthetic through editing. Much of his work focuses on showing human emotions. His photography stands out as it is filled with realness and he always manages to add a personal raw and sharp twist.


Cera Hensley

Cera Hensley is one of our photographers from San Francisco, California. She works with the aim of inviting us to enter her brilliant imagination and access a way to escape from reality through her wonderful works.

This artist specializes in still life and product photography such as fashion, cosmetics and technology with playful images and fun compositions.


Thanks to the experience and professionalism of her works, she has a prestigious professional career having worked with brands such as GAP, The North Face, American Giant, Sandbox Studios and Banana Republic.

We currently represent Cera throughout the entire Spain.

Introducing Jaime de Diego

Adidas. Nike. RedBull. BMW. Name a handful of the great brands of the 20th and 21st centuries, and Jaime de Diego has probably worked with them all. He’s the guy who’s immortalized some of the best campaigns out there

Jaime de Diego started his career as a photographer over a decade ago, in 2003. Working for the publishing house Motorpress Ibérica and shooting sport and action pictures. He’s luck was to discover the field that he is most passionate about at an early stage of his career. He never felt like he wanted to do anything else and he always knew that he was in the right place.


This allowed him to start to explore, shooting cars and motorbikes, running, mountain biking and outdoor sports in general. Later on he also dived into the exciting world of advertising and lifestyle pictures. His work can be easily seen on a big number of prestigious cover magazines from Spain, Italy, France, Brasil and Argentina.


Now, nearly two decades later, Jaime is one of our photographers that we proudly represent. With over 600 covers of magazines, his ambition is still here and he is excited for his work just as much as we are.

Presentando al fotógrafo Thierry Delsart


Nuestro ¨último fichaje¨ Thierry Delsart se une a nuestro elenco de artistas.



Cuenta con más de treinta años de experiencia en el sector. Sus clientes, entre los que destaca Grupo Melia Hotels; el cual ha confiado su nueva imagen a este artista. También destaca sus publicaciones en Footprint, Sabre y Sabor, Vanidades y la revista El Automóvil.



Además, está especializado en realizar fotografía arquitectónica, interiorismo y fotos aéreas.